The Business

Workforce Patrol Monitoring is a tailored and flexible hardware and software solution designed to track and monitor security personnel and employees while out patrolling. The system uses the latest state-of-the-art technologies comprising RFID/Touch readers, Mobile apps, NFC, QR Codes & GPS. With cloud-based software having a scalable feature, this patrol monitoring system characterizes tracking and monitoring innovatively.

The Challenges

A bit about how the system functions: As a Tag gets scanned through the application, the latitude & longitude of the geographical location get reviewed with it. The app reviews the coordinates of the place on scanning a tag. A record gets updated in BWAC through this scanning while the service runs at the backend.

The background worker keeps on running to generate a favorable result and finally produces it for the management.

There is continuous data processing and updation, with the system handling volumes of raw data based on real-time transactions.

From a technical standpoint, it was challenging to maneuver massive data while keeping the system unstressed.

The client demanded we fetch him real-time data. The idea was to have a resilient integrated system that accurately maps the position and movement of security personnel for better management, juggling real-time data.

Implementing this entire application was tough. But our team got together, looked into R&D insights, went through multiple revisions, and finally, we could pull it off.

One could send out SMSs through the system and, if needed, even prepare reports without straining too much. Ease of operation delivered.

The Solutions

We built a system through the seamless integration of hardware and software components. The whole system works and delivers when both the web and mobile application works in tandem. The web application serves the management part after receiving data from the mobile application used actively by security personnel, which is essentially the primary touchpoint. BWAC is the web application's name, and the mobile app is RCheck In.

We offered the client an integrated advanced booking system and the app has features of SMS. The client agreed to our solution and we were successful at executing the task in a seamless manner. We wanted to make the interface flawless so that it becomes easy to navigate.

What we did at the initial stages

The software solution expected of us was bunching together employee management, scheduling, attendance, tracking, and report generation to unify and ease enterprise operations.

The project was a unique experience due to its sheer size and scope. Mentioning here the range of functionality we built into the BWAC system. It did come with its set of never-seen-before challenges, but we are happy to deliver it to a tee!

  • Patrol system types
  • Incident reporting
  • Event Monitor
  • Permission & Rights
  • Cloud-based
  • Phone Alerts
  • Patrol Scheduling
  • Simple Time & Attendance
  • GPS tracking
  • Client Portal
  • Email Notification
  • Scalable
  • Branches
  • Flexible Reports
  • Mobile App
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Technology Stack - ASP.Net Core

Website - HTML5/CSS3


As a team we made use of tools and technological Knowhow that assured that the platform is running smoothly. We made use of storage units like Github that helped us in storing all data and backup. The cloud setup was done in a profound manner to keep the system up & running. As a team we were successful to deliver proven result & ensured every application made by us are working in tandem.